Thursday, 20 February 2014

Welcoming myself!

Hi guys! back to blogging! been a year since I last stopped. Been too busy ( more like lazy though :p). The blog used to be all about food food and food. I am currently more concern about my healthy diet (even though I still eat recklessly) lol, but hey, at least I am trying!

A little updates about myself for all of you who wants to know, I am currently back to Indonesia after I am done with all my academics subjects from my university in Kuala Lumpur. I am currently finishing up my internship which will be done by end of this month, February 2014. Currently interning in a National Plus school in my hometown doing multiple jobs at once but mainly focusing in marketing and control team. I do teach the kids sometimes, be it English, or even sports! I am currently bringing dodgeball to the school! Now we are the first ever school in the whole Riau who have been introduced to dodgeball and I am coaching them! heeee :D

here is abit about me around one week before Valentine's. So my friend is directing a new youtube vitdeo for the upcoming V day, and here I am with some of our friends filming in the cafe.

 Too hungry when I came early in the morning, too sleepy too! a cup of caramel latte in hope that it could wake me up. lol
 Bestie!! alot of people said we look alike =O
 toast and latte from the cafe
 Hello to everyone of the crew member! :D 
 So we got curious who were the tallest among the 3 of us, and height measurement was done. Am i the shortest? :( apparently 170cm is not enough to survive :( 
 Le girlies!
 Behind the scene shot taken by my twinnie!
And,, end of the shooting! finalyyyyyy... 

video can be checked on this link! enjoy watching! 

It ended up did not come out according to the date planned, which was before the V day, but its okay! we all enjoyed watching it. I looked so weird though. hahaha

Here is on the after the video shooting, it is a photoshooting! the theme for this round photoshooting is the Red Riding Hood! I dont normally accept much shooting anymore because Im really busy with my work recently, but I think this concept is quite interesting, so its a go! :D 

hmmm, my face after make up done by ce Nana, a make up artist and owner of Christian Breton Bridal. I cant even recognize myself. can you? 

before I put on my hood, I took my chances and take few pictures with this super handsome wolf! ohhh im in love! 
taken by my phone from the dslr camera! :p 

So here are some of the results! cant wait to see more of the pictures! I really enjoyed the shooting. traveled quite far to the venue, took so long for the preparation starting from the make up to getting the husky calmed down to pose, but the shooting itself only take around 1 hour. hahaa. what a day! 

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