Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Happy Birthday L'Cheese Factory!

Happy 2nd year anniversary to L'cheese factory! L'cheese factory is the first cheesecake factory in Pekanbaru, Riau. It started off as a small family business where now they have been one of the most successful and popular hang out spot in town. On the 16th of March 2014, it was L'cheese factory's 2nd anniversary. They have been in town for 2 years now and I have to admit their growth was amazing. All credits go to the family members who are willing to work hard together and create a strong marketing campaign for the public. Nowadays, when you ask the cheeselovers in Pekanbaru, where to head our for cheesecake, the answer for sure is "L'cheese!" 

L'cheese factory's 2nd anniversary was held in Arya Duta Hotel on the 16th of March.Bringing the name of Witama School, we have very tight relationship with L'cheese in terms of business partners. They have supported us in alot of our events and vise versa. We were privileged to receive the invitation to attend the event. As the representative from our school, they were three of us from the marketing team. Best colleagues and friends ever, also, my bodyguards! :D

We were welcomed with free flow of cheesecakes, macaroons, cakes, chocolate fondue, and many more. At this particular event, you just have no choice but to say goodbye to all your diets and clean eating and say hi to alot of work out sessions that must come after it. The temptations were just too huge to resist. I couldnt care of how many minutes I will have to run on the next day, their cheesecake were seriously scrumptious. 

 So in love with the macaroons! 

Theme for the evening was "Mafia" and black and white. We all dressed up all nice and L'cheese provided free photobooth for all, so we could all strike our best poses and get the pictures right on spot. Me and my colleagues took few that night, but the result werent so pretty. So here are my poses taken by my colleague's camera!

Eyes on the photobooth's camera, miss mustache! 

 choco ball cake! photo attribute. lol


And...smile :) 

Okay! thats about enough for selfies! (more to go later at the end of the post though!). This time, we all head inside to the ballroom. A small private ballroom just for invited guests and sponsors. Awhh, feel so loved!

Macaroons tower inside the ballroom, yummerss! 

Ballroom's interior. Cozy! 

oops! caught on camera. Me and a best friend fighting and indulging on our cheesecakes! (real candid) 

First few performances and speeches of the first session were done! finally its time for DINNER! din din yums :) so all of us head out for a great dinner and mostly, photo sessions! here are some pictures taken with the colleagues and students! 

 The one and only, Yudi Suseno ! A strong and powerful colleague, the leader in the pack. A motivator, a hardworker, a workaholic, crazy about looking fit, a body guard, and most importantly, a best friend of mine :) 

introducing, Mr Nico Mahyudi, a good friend since primary 5 until now. A friendship that never dies. 

Moi lovely student. looking hot tonight! 

To a new friend, Prana Lim who is also now a colleague. A dreamer, just like me. Have strong visions, willing to go the extra mile, and a hardworker, a good friend. 

 Hey students! thanks for helping out to be the protocol-er that evening 

Even though we just be in each other lives for just a short while, but you know those kind of feelings when you know someone is gonna be with you for a long long time. To them, my dear friends. Hope you all still can bear with me in my up and down moments, when im happy or when I am losing my control of my anger. lol

 Through good and bad! CHEESE! 

Entering the second session of the evening. The appreciation awards ceremony. Witama school was one of the few recipients, and I went up on behalf of my mother who was too busy to attend the gala dinner this evening. Still feeling quite shy to be up on stage.

Unwrapping the appreciation awards 

 with the owner of L'cheese factory and the lovely gift.

 Thankyou so much L'cheese!

A Broadway dance and sexy girls to close the evening's performance.

Happy Birthday!!! all crews and some invitees

Thanks to the students, Ricky and Yenny who MC-ed for the evening. great job students! our last shot outside.

I said its 'our' last shot, not 'mine'! loll. Good evening readers. Stay awesome!

BYEEEE! <3 <3 <3

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