Friday, 21 March 2014

Humble birthday celebration with my familia :)

According to the Chinese lunar calenders, 16th of March happens to be my birthday. While the actual day I was born at was on the 19th March. I know nothing about lunar calender, but everyone seems to have two birthday dates and two ages. Apparently the Chinese age is one year older than what our actual age is. Lol. My family is really good at all of these. They always check on the Chinese dates and stuff.

Today is the first time in many years (about 10 years) that I am actually here in my hometown celebrating my birthday with my family. This is because I have been studying in KL since very young. And holidays never happen to fall on March, so I could never came back to celebrate. And I am the type of person that do not celebrate my birthday, because too much time for the planning and I always feel too busy. Especially recently, when I am already started working and so many stuff to manage. I am delightful for this kind of small celebration that my family throw for me. It is simple, yet heartwarming :) 

Basically it just went like, big family gathering at our usual Chinese restaurant, ANOM Pekanbaru. Then came back home for the cake cutting session. 

So here is my outfit of the day. Eheee, got to ask my little coussie sister to be my photographer of the day. 

Before I left the house, bad quality photo, I know. lol

Here is the Outfit of the day! 

so called candid.

Dress: Mall Pekanbaru
Shoes: Vincci
Handbag: LV
bracelet: Cartier
Watch: Gc
Necklace: Pinky

After a few shots at home, its time to leave to the restaurant. Its quite crowded in the afternoon. Lucky my aunt has made the bookings.

Momsy, daddy, grandma, and little bro.

cutest coussie ever. loves to camwhore, just like me! 

appetizer, traditional sweet kue

Broccoli, just because I love broccoli

sweet and sour fried fish

stir-fry beef

errr.. what does this called again?

deep fried chicken

salted egg prawn. my fave! 

After the restaurant session, we all went to my house. There were 7 families with my aunts and uncles family. so house was kinda packed.  
Birthday cake from my dear aunties! 

the cutest coussie again :D 


incomplete family, middle bro isnt here. but lets sing the birthday song! 

making my wishes!

First cake to my greatest dad! 

then the 2nd cake to my mom :) 

By the time I took that last photo with my mom, my phone memory was full. Couldnt take any more pictures :( but there will be video uploading soon in the next few days to this post! stay tuned :) 
And keep reading my loyal readers :D 

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