Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Itadakimasu, Japanese fiesta!

Itadakimasu! Its lunch time! 

Few days ago, I was back in Kuala Lumpur for a week finishing some stuff and settling some work over there. First thing I did when I reach KL, was of course... FOOODDDD!! Well the post here is not my first meal that I had. Lol. But I really love Japanese food! Had it most of the time especially when I was staying in KL. My hometown in Pekanbaru doesnt really have a good Japanese food, so here I am craving for it. 

First place I went to was sushi Zen in Sunway pyramid. Really love the the environment and ambiance there, the staff were friendly too. Too bad when I reached it was 2.30pm, and it was also their last call. They were closing at 3, just like how the Japanese do it. So we had to eat it kinda fast and order everything at once. But overall, still enjoyed it :) 


Our sashimi platter! Salmon, tuna, and more. Forgot their names. Lol
These sashimi are really really fresh and thick. So in love. 

The fresh and juicy salmon eggs.

Kaarage chicken
Not one of my fav. My its still alright. 

Stamina roll
I always wonder why they always name the sushi roll that contains eel and avocado as stamina roll. Do they give us more stamina? Lol

Mmhmmmm soooo goood cheesy oyster. Too good too huge!:D

My table! :D

Frozen strawberry vanilla ice cream
This! This dessert! I have been looking for it everywhere. Every everywhere. My first time trying it was in sushi tei Singapore, as their complimentary dessert when you purchase  the buffet package. But they no longer have it now. And I couldnt find it anywhere else. Even this one is not as good! The one im crazy for is the one with the middle part of the strawberry is fully filled with vanilla ice cream, but this one is just coated on the outside. Anyone knows where can i get this?? Please please.

So hi! :D

Great service, food quality, taste, and environment. Sushi Zen. 

Next, my next visit after few days was to sushi zanmai. My all time favorite place. Good sushi, good sashimi, good everything and affordable prices. But of course, cant compare it with Zen. Here are some pictures :) 

As always, sashimi platter, but only salmon this time. My fav! 7 pieces.

Soft shell crab roll

Spicy kimchi ramen

Ah ah! Must have in sushi zanmai, tamago mentai! 
Its normal tamago sushi, sushi with egg roll on top, but they have baked mayonnaise on top which brings the flavour to another different level (lebay)! Loll

Green cold soba with the special soy sauce(not in the picture)

Normally everything in Zanmai tasted good. But on that particualar day, perhaps I wasnt feeling so well. All tasted quite plain and I just lost my appetite. Anyways, still do go and check it out. One of my fav place. :)

Okay! in the beginning of this post I said that there is no nice Japanese food in my hometown, I am going to take it back. There is this new place in town that I just went to visit last night. Takigawa Japanese Fine Cuisine. 

Me and my friend were confused on what to have for dinner, so we decided to try on something new. We didnt order much as we already had our dinner earlier, so this is the second round! Hehee. 


My drink. Strawberry and orange juice.
This drink is good and fresh, totally my taste. But too bad the portion is really small for Rp 29k :( 

Grilled prawn. Yums

Salmon roll with crabstick and no rice.

Stamina roll. Anywhere everywhere I go, salmon and eel is a must! :)

Yaka yaka roll (or smtg like that)
This is really good. They use salmon and eel on top of the rice, and topped with some crunchy chicken and fish. Refreshing yet rich taste.

The interior
Beautiful interior with a small pond indoor under the chairs and tables. 
Not many people last night.

Overall, good review for Takigawa. Just wondering why not too many people go there. Probably because it was on the weekdays. Jalan ronggowarsito Pekanbaru. 

Byee! Till next posts :)

all pictures are taken using iphone5. lol. no proper camera yet. 

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