Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The one-day Black Widow

On the 7th of March, the school where I am working for was having an event, called the Road to Entrepreneurship. This particular event encourages student to start young in business. Children age from 6 up to 18 years old had to come up with their proposal on their business ideas and set up the actual booth and sell things up on Friday 7th March. Most of the kids sell food and drinks and it was really fun to see the whole school united and being so happening while the kids are trying their best to sell their food.

On that day itself, we invited a cosplay team called "The Kamen Rider" club, presenting The Avengers for the day. As most of the members of this club were guys, they had no one to cosplay as the agent Romanoff, and here I was, being pulled into this together. lol. 

here are some pictures of the kids preparing, cooking and selling their food: 

Here are all the pictures for The Avengers cosplay:

The man behind the iron mask

me as the Black Widow, and the Iron Man

group picture before we get down and showcase to the kids. Loki, Agent Romanoff, Thor, Captain America, and the Iron man.

Before we got down to the hall and open area to meet the students and take pictures, I strike some poses first. My costumes were overall simple, was just wearing black top with black cardigan, and black jeans with a pair of brown boots. guns and belts were all provided by the cosplay team. 

posing inside the classroom while others were getting ready

cocking the gun.

after few poses, and I was satisfied, it is time to go downstairs to the crowd. here are some pictures with the students and parents. 

with my cutest princess baby cousin and her little fishes.