Saturday, 19 April 2014

Beloved Nancy's Sweet Seventeen

Dear readers! Its been a while!! 

hufff, finally I have got some time to sit down, get settled and star blogging again. Lol. I have been getting some requests from some of my readers to update my blog soon. So here is one, and there are more to come! enjoy! :) 

I have been reaallllllll busy :( currently doing alot of jobs at once. I am actually a full time marketer in WItama National Plus Schoool Pekanbaru, teach some English and coach dodgeball too. and I am also a part time model and participate in some pageants which currently is taking alot of my time. 

recently I just got back from the J town, Jakarta! the capital city of Indonesia. Its a 2 hours journey from my hometown Pekanbaru to Jakarta by flight. I was there because I was invited to walk on a fashion show by Mr. Adi Mulyadi on a wedding fair. He is one of the top designer in Indonesia who just recently sponsored the gala batik for the grand final of Miss Indonesia 2014. I am one out of 5 models from my state who are invited to attend the show together with another 30 models from all over Indonesia. I will try to post about the fashion show soon when I have received the photos :) 

Other than that, I was also there for a photosession by Mr Teguh Wibowo, one of the leading photographer in the country. It has been such a privileged, and the posting about the photoshoots will also be post once I have received the photos. Once I was done with all the job purposes, I stayed there for few more days to enjoy some holidays, meeting up with old friends, partying, and shopping! 

andddddd... I came back on the 12th of April. It was on Saturday. Why would I come back on a Saturday and not on Sunday, just enjoy the weekend to the fullest then come back to the busy days? because of this lovely lady.. Nancy Sintya. I have promised her that I will be there to attend her sweet seveenteen party that was held on this same day , 12th April 2014 at the Grand Jatra Hotel Pekanbaru. It is actually a belated celebration for her as on her actual birthday, there was too many things going on and the planning could not be done on time. So once again pretty lady, Happy Birthday for you, you are 17 now and you are at the age where most of the decisions are now in your hands, no longer in your parents'. Make good use of that right and do us proud! :) 

Feeling like 17 againn!!! <3

see you on my next posts! :)