Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Have you guys heard of UBOX? I havent myself until I found out that they are this really cool brand for gadget and accessory  in Indonesia! UBOX is your universal rescue, anything you need for your gadget.. powerbank? charger? screenprotector? you name it! They came with quality too! also warranty!

This time itself, I got the chance to endorse their super classy Gold Genesis powerbank. It really is the best companion for any daily activities and traveling. And I mean look at the colour! its gorgeous! It is stylish, mini size (super helpful!) and charges fast!
While texting...

Selfies maybe..



 This is how the gold colour edition looks like

It comes with full gear, the cables and the chargers, and the coolest part is the leather pouch! You get to put everything Inside and still be super stylish!

Product Endorsement: UBOX Indonesia

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

the new love: Culottes

The must have item this season, yeap you've got it right! get you pairs of culottes. Its so stylish and flexible, where you can wear it in formal occasions or a laid back everyday date out with the loved ones.

I got mine from @Levoustique , their material is really comfy and it does really go with any kind of outfit that you like!

Culottes   : @levoustique
Top          : Topshop
Belt          : Hermes
Handbag  : Prada
Sunnies    : Burberry
Shoes       : Christian Loubutin
Necklace and Bangles: Bangkok

Monday, 2 March 2015

Sun-kissed skin!

Whats better than chilling in a hot sunny day, getting your sun kissed skin, while
 enjoying the cool water, in a swimsuit that rock your body! Cool cuts swimsuit from Agus De Alma that enhance your body figure! 

Location: Grand Hyatt Jakarta Poolside
Swimsuit: Agua De Alma

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Papiers

My new customized iphone 6 casing from The Papiers!

I get to choose my own colours, design, and name printed on it! We also get to print our own photos as our phone casing! How cool is that!

And look! When they mail it to you, it comes with this interesting paper box which says, "Instant happiness inside, officially yours". Which is so true! :D