Sunday, 19 April 2015


Once you turn older, by older I mean you have enjoyed enough of your 21 legal age for one or two years, so you are now 23 and it is about time to face the truth and reality of life. You no longer dream of celebrating your birthday in the fanciest party, inviting the whole town to be there to celebrate it with you and drink till you drop. 

Those are no longer our priority anymore in the age of 23, well at least it isnt for me and for most of my friends. We just want to keep those special people in our lives, intimate party with your loved ones and family. 

Well my fiance, just made all that came to reality. Invited all my closed friends, most of them whom I have been friends for over 17 years, and my families. Hired also an event organizer, rent villas for us, decorated the whole villas in roses (my favorite flowers) and planned everything, without me knowing any single things while we even met every single days. He always said he was never the sweet kind, so I would never expected all these. 

And of course, all these birthday celebrations were just a gimmick, or a beginning leading to a bigger thing, The Proposal. Which I will write more about it in my next post.

So the story of the birthday fiesta begins.
19th of March 2015, the day where I turned 23, we all arrived in Bali, the island of Gods they said. Bali is such an amazing place, I am so pleased to be born an Indonesian, to enjoy all these God gifted beautiful country to live in. We were soon escorted to our villa, Eden residence of the sea, a beautiful villa located in Seminyak. I had a 5- bedrooms villa of my friends and 3-bedrooms villa for me and our families. 

To my surprise I walked in to my villa and saw a big banner with my face on it, written: welcome Margenie Winarti, Miss Grand International 2014. awww...

Got excited and took picture with it. whee!

So there it was! at night, all of my friends were briefed and prepared to surprise me. When I walked it to their villa, there they were! holding balloons written "Happy Birthday Margenie" with their face all drawn like clowns. SURPRISE!! how adorable! 

here comes the cake,

Make a wish,  

and blow the candle.. 

with them my dearests, my both parents, my now fiance, and his mother. 

First cake for you daddy.. 

And they caught us on camera candidly! :p

my girls ❤️

Group Picture! 

Blessed 23th Birthday. 

Date: 19th of March 2015
Location: Eden residence of the Sea, Seminyak, Bali.
Event Organizer: Violet L'evento
Photographer: Chesoen Tan
Videographer: Mazzel Production

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