Saturday, 13 June 2015

Snails Nails!

What are you girls doing to pamper yourself on weekend? 

I usually love to go to hair saloon to get a hair spa or get my nails done. Im such a sucker for coloured nails, Im so used for it to be coloured all the time, I cant see it plain. Lol. I love gel polish because it lasted forever! Literary! You scratch it, bite it, wash it, it wont come off. But only if you get it done at a place which treat your nails gently and follow the step by step accordingly. Also use great products.

At this special time, I got invited to try some new products on newly launched nail parlour, Snails. As I walked in to their grand entrance, I felt a sense of comfort and homey. They did their interior so well. 

So special for this time, I didnt do my usual gel nails, I did a classic Christian Louboutin red colour. They carried the usual brands like OPI, gellish, etc, but also the branded one such as Louboutin, Chanel, and more!

Staffs at Snails were so warm and welcoming. once I was seated in their comfy sofas, I got my hand and feet scrubbed. Ahh felt so good!

Then applying the red Christian Louboutin colour to my finger.

Handfie got caught on candid! 

Look how pretty my nails are! 
They really paid good attention to my nails and the applications were done so delicately.

Visit SNAILS Surabaya at Ruko Pakuwon Square AK2-47


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